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Herbicide Injury    

Herbicide injury to plants has become a commonplace in many properties throughout the United States and in many cases the exposure can and will cause plant death, if the dosage rates have cause significant vascular injuries internally to the plant. But in certain chemical exposure events plants can recover with proper care. Keep in mind most herbicide injuries and chemical exposure are preventable.  

Mark Webber's Landscaping Company has investigated herbicide injuries to plants and trees caused by a wide range of herbicides including synthetic auxins, Amino Acid Inhibitors, Chlorophyll Inhibitors, Contact Herbicides, Root Inhibitors and other materials including salt, lead and other unique plant toxins.  

Mark Webber himself has investigated 1000's of cases involving chemical injuries to plants since 1997 and has a unique understanding of modes of actions, investigative techniques and if a plant will survive the given exposure.

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