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Tree Failures

When a tree breaks and falls there is a scientific reason for this failure. The failure of a tree or its branches is caused by a combination of the tree having a single or multitude of defects combined with the external forces exceeding the trees structural capacity. 

Our company specializes in failure analysis and have provided reports why trees fail and break. We have an in depth understanding of wood decay fungi, branch strength capacity and tree weight-failure dynamics. 

Many cases we can pinpoint what the tree looked like before it failed and provide legal professionals, insurance adjusters and others how the tree's failure could have and should have been avoided.

We offer this service throughout the United States and you can upload photos of your tree failures on the Submit Information page of our website or you can click on the chat button at the bottom-right of this web page and you can discuss what happen or you can call our office at 937.835.3381,