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Water Features

Believe it or not, a fountain or waterfall' features offer benefits that may extend beyond the purely aesthetic. When water runs through the systems, its molecules are jostled and release negative ions. These negative ions combine with air impurities, neutralizing them and helping to pull them from the air. As you might expect, cleaner air means cleaner lungsā€”and better health. 

Aside from minimizing air pollution, negative ions are believed by some researchers to increase the body's serotonin levels, which can relieve stress and depression symptoms, as well as increase energy and alertness. They may even help prevent migraine headaches! 

Don't forget the calming effect of running water, created by its soothing sound. Many people place their fountains and waterfalls near a favorite location like your backyard patio to assist you with relaxation. 

(Photo source MWebber 2009)

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