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                                                                                          2016 Shrub Catalog 


Flowering Abelia is a real blooming machine for the sunny to partial shade.  Nice semi-evergreen leaves.  Perfect plant for what so many desire “Year-Round color”  Ht 3’ Spread 3’    3gal $40.00


Bottleneck brush Buckeye-very well adapted low growing shrub tolerant of sun to partial shade and works well in most urban landscape sites. This highly sought after native is a work horse in the summer garden with a unique flower .

3 gal $40.00 5 gal $65.00  7 gal $85.00

Aralia         commonly known as Devil Walking Stick

Devils Walking Stick-native to the eastern USA, very nice small tree with stout compound leaves creating a tropical look to the landscape.  Produces massive white flower clusters mid to late season.  Makes a very unusual statement in any landscape.  Spread 10’ Ht 10’   10gal $95.00    


Aronia           commonly known as Chokeberry’s

Black Chokeberry- the perfect shrub for most landscape sites with great white flowers in spring, followed by glossy green leaves with intense black fruit with spectacular red autumn leaves. Ht 6-10’ Spread 5-8’     3gal $ 30.00 5gal $50.00



Aronia           commonly known as Chokeberry’s


Red Chokeberry- a perfect partner with the black cousin or perfect to plant by its self.  A little less in size and more suckering in its habit with a very intense white bloom followed by great summer foliage.  Wonderful ruby red fruit in fall. Ht 4-5’  Spread 4-5’             3gal $30.00




Buxus  commonly known as Boxwood 

Green Velvet-a true winter hardy compact plant that will grow in most shady to full sunny landscapes, easy to care for super winter color. Ht 3’ Spread 3’

                                                               3gal  $30.00      15-18”bxb  $50.00


Green Mountain-a neat upright pyramidal shaped plant that requires little to no pruning to maintain this shape. Ht 3-5’ Spread 3’                      15-18”  bxb  $65.00      7gal $70.00


Winter Gem-our selection of this winter hardy species is a shinny leafed plant with a good growth rate.  Perfect for high foundation planting needs or quick hedging an effect.  Our selection has over wintered to -25 below zero.  This selection is a great choice for a holly like look in the landscape.                    Ht 3-5’  Spread 3-5’                                3gal $40.00 (Fall 2010)


Vardar Valley-nice low compact boxwood providing a nice tight mound habit with a larger leaf than green velvet.  Perfect for tight places and very slow growing                 Ht 2’  Spread 2’                                                                                   

                                                 2gal $45.00-


Callicarpa  commonly known as Japanese Beauty Bush

Beauty Berry-First time you see this plant in fruit, it will be a nice refreshing change.. This plant blooms in late spring nice layer growth habit, wonderful fruit habit in fall.    Ht 5'  Spread 5’                         3gal $30.00         7gal $55.00


****NEW2015 White Berry- Very unusual find when it comes to Callicarpa, our stock plants originally came from a chance find in a nursery in south central Tn that no longer is in business.  We have observed good growth, continuous blooming from late spring to early fall.  Then followed by huge array of white fruits.  Ht 4-5’ Spread 4-5’  3gal $30.00     (Spring 2011)



Sweet Shrub-wonderful native shrub that brings unique chocolate black flower in spring on a nice deep green leaves.  When one breaks the leaves a rich aroma of all-spice abounds.   Very nice deep golden fall color. Highly underutilized plant, fine in the full sun garden.

      Ht 6’  Spread 6’                   3 gal $30.00

Caryopteris   commonly known as Bluemist Spirea

Dark Knight-great late season shrub with rich deep dark blue flowers with silver foliage, very nice when used with ornamental grass’s, deep colored shrub roses.

    Ht 3’ Spread 3’                      3gal $30.00


Summer Sorbet-a Dutch introduction with very nice variegated foliage with light blue flowers.  Very attractive plant in full sun and extends the season of color of this wonderful plant group.  We sold out of this plant 2008/2009, very popular plant             Ht 2’ Spread 2’                  2gal $25.00


Cephalanthus occidentalis 

Buttonbush grows as a shrub or small tree. It typically grows to 10 or 20 feet tall. This plant is deciduous, losing its leaves for 1 or 2 months in winter. Buttonbush occurs in swamps, ponds, and stream banks throughout Ohio. It flowers from early spring to late summer. Buttonbush is named for its ball-like clusters of small white flowers around fruits. Flower balls can be an inch or more across. Flower balls dangle from stalks that can be several inches long. The fruit is a dense ball containing many nutlets. Buttonbush leaves are elliptic, tapering to pointed tips. They can be 6 inches long. Leaves are arranged oppositely on the stem. Leaf bases are rounded to tapering. As buttonbush becomes older, its bark becomes rough and bumpy. This plant can