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                                                              Tree Catalog 2017


Our nursery was founded and planted on the basic principal that our landscaping operations needs for high quality plants grown to "Arborist Standards" of ANSI A300 part 6 could not be found any were in our region.  We also had issues with the root ball sizes being the bare minimum  and many plants purchased were inferior plants subject to failure.  Our plants are grown and harvested well above the industry standard.  Our transplant loss's are less than 1% on the average. Our trees have root flares at the soil line and our harvested with 35-40% more roots than any other nursery in southwest Ohio.


White Fir  A Pyramidal evergreen with Blue-green needles about 2 “ long.  When the foliage is broken or injured cast a terrific smell of citrus. Ht 30-50’ Spread 15-30’ learn more about this tree click here   order yours click here

  4-5’ $150.00  bxb               5-6’ $175.00 bxb

Canaan- A very uniform growing evergreen closely related to Fraser fir.  A native to West Virginia and performs well in a variety of soils with very showy green-bluest needles. Learn more here click here  order yours click here     Ht 30-40’ Spread 15-20'                                         4-5’ $155.00 bxb              5-6’ $175.00  bxb

                           All Trees Planted should follow this specification:                                                              

Nordman Fir-Nice deep green color with a rich deep color with a white backside of needles.  This tree is neat choice for the conifer collector and those who like the rare and unusual.   Ht 20-30’ Spread 10-15’   more information click here              3-4’ bxb   $95.00  4-5' bxb $125.00  5-6'$150.00   order yours click here


Acer- Maple- Our nursery grows one of the most diverse selections of maples that can be found anywhere in the Midwest.  The genus Acer is just simply diverse; it can be used as giant shade tree to a perfect delicate garden tree.  Though maples are what we acclaim to be the UnCommon plant species that we have one that will work in your yard, let us help you find the right one!

October  Glory Red Maple-a wonderful red maple selection which has out standing deep ruby fall color in late October thru early November.  This plant almost glows in fall.  Seems to be adaptable to Miami-Valley heat.   Ht 40’ spread 30’ click here 

          6-8’ 28gal $100.00             1.75”bxb $125.00         2” bxb $150.00    2.5” bxb $185.00         Order yours click here 

Vine Maple- A Compact tree which does well in shade with white and purple drooping flower clusters and wonderful red and yellow fall color.  Ht 10’ Spread 5’   for more information click here 

 4-5’ 15gal $95.00  click here to order yours

Sycamore Maple- One tough maple, a zone 4 tree with great branch structure with a unique blue-green leaf with some shadows of purples on the back side of the leaf.           Ht 35-45’ Spread 35’-45’                            more information click here                                         

8-10’ 28gal   $125.00   click here to order yours 

ACER   buergerianum         Trident Maple
        Height: 20-30'     Spread: 20'    
Zone: 5     Tree         
Beautiful maple with three-lobed leaves that offer a spectacular fall display of orange and deep scarlet. The plants offered are multiple stemmed and low branched suitable for garden specimens.
 9-10' BxB $250.00

Autumn Blaze -This hybrid cross between red and silver maple is upright, fast growing with super ruby red fall color.  One tough tree for urban conditions. Ht 50’ Spread 40’ more information here

  8-10’  28gal  $125.00     1.75” bxb $125.00   2.0” bxb $150.00    order yours click here

Sienna Glen - Similar to Autumn Blaze but even tougher with red to burgundy glow in fall.  The perfect maple for the most difficult sites.  Ht 50’ Spread 45’      more information here           

                                                           2.0”bxb $150.00           order yours click here     

Paperbark- No garden is complete without this rare and unusual plant.  Exfoliation of bark and unique leaf    color makes this perfect small tree for every landscape.  Ht 25’ ’ Spread 15’ more information  click here

 6-7’ 15gal   $175.00          5-6’ clump form bxb$195.00           6-7' clump form $225.00    order yours click here  

Hedge Maple
        Height: 20-30'     Spread: 20-25'    
Zone: 4     Tree     Shrub    
"Low growing tree with corky bark. Excellent small lawn specimen, street tree or prunes well into hedge form."

8-10' Clump BxB $225.00 each

Gingerbread Maple-an exciting Paperbark Maple cross from our good plant friend Maria Zampini- nice pealing bark and rich red fall color.        more information click here 

                                                                5gal $55.00   order yours click here

Flamingo Variegated Boxelder -Yes box elder are maples and make great compact landscape trees fro small tight garden were no seeds but variation is a must.  Ht 15’ Spread 15'     for more information click here                                                

                                  15gal    $150.00                                    order yours click here 

Snakebark Maple-Davidii- perfect little green barked tree for the shady landscape with outstanding vigor in root competitive forest zones.  Very nice irregular habit, very reliable plant.  Use this species were it is sheltered from winter sun in Jan-Feb.  Ht 10’ Spread 8’    More information click here           

                                                         15gal $150.00                         order yours click here

Snakebark Maple-Pennslyvantica –native snake bark, unusual straight stemmed snake bark, very tough plant, loves drought, very large leaves in deep shade. Nice stripes in the bark tissue.                         Ht 10’ Spread 8’                         more information click here

                                                            15gal $150.00                       order yours click here

ACER   saccharum     'Green Mountain'    Green Mountain Sugar Maple
        Height: 40-50'     Spread: 35'    
Zone: 4     Tree         
"Thick waxy green leaves retain full color and resist scorch in dry summer weather, turning shades of orange-red in fall. Useful as a lawn specimen, park or street tree. Selected from native species."

1.75"-2" $175.00 

Purplebloom Korean Maple- an excellent choice as a alternative to Japanese Maples in the landscape, where winter hardiness is a concern,  nice deep green leaves, looks like Japanese Maple leaves, followed by an amazing display of yellow/orange/red autumn foliage, perfect specimen plant for the garden!                                          Spread 10’ Ht 10’      more information here  click here                       

                                                           5gal $150.00                         order yours click here

       Hornbeam Maple
        Height: 15-30'     Spread: 15'-20'    
Zone: 4     Tree         
An unusual maple with leaves that resemble Carpinus caroliniana. Dark green leaves turn to rich gold in the fall. The tree is vase shaped or can be grown as a clump. A chance to add something really unusual to your landscape design. Rarely available.

15 gal $95.00

Weeping Green(Virdis)  deep mint green. Strong pendulous habit, perfect for sunny or partial sunny landscapes with(our strain) turns great orange red fall color in October –November. Ht 5-8’ Spread   8'     more information click here                                                        

                                                   5gal $150.00                                   order yours click here                                                   

Weeping Red(Crimson Queen)-strong weeping habit with deep reddish leaves from leaf out till fall leaf drop.  Sometimes during really hot summer will show some green.                                                                                        Ht 5-8’  Spread 5-8’   more information click here

                                                   5gal $150.00                            order yours click here                   

Upright Red(Bloodgood)-a vase shaped small garden tree with perfect for court yards.  Nicely colored in spring thru autumn with rich purple red leaves.  Has great bark and winged samaras for winter interest.   Ht 8-15’ Spread 8-20’       for more information click here                        

                                                         7gal $135.00                             order yours click here

Emperor I – exciting new Japanese Maple that is being used as far north as Milwaukee Wisconsin , wonderful purple leaves that hold well in summer and leaf’s out nearly two weeks after other varieties to help reduce its exposure to late spring freezes.                                       Ht 8-12’  Spread 8-15’                    15gal $135.00                             order yours click here

 Upright Green-similar to the upright red leaf, but our green can be very variable in leaf color and shape and habit.  Ours are produced by seed so a lot of interesting genetic variation can be seen and used to create unique looks to the landscape with a rich deep fall color as shown above  Ht 8-25’ Spread 8-25’   

                                                                        7gal $135.00                          order yours click here

Globe Norway Maple – a perfect formal tree for gardens that require tight ball or lollipop forms, this is a rare selection found in very few landscapes.  Ht 8-10’ Spread 6-10’   for more information click here 

                                                                        28gal hvy heads   $165.00          order yours here 

Crimson King Maple-This truly the king of moron red leaf Norway maple selections. Some growers have stopped production of this great tree. On a 90 degree day only the King will keep you cool.  Ht 40’ Spread 40’      for more information click here                  

                                                                   6-8’                   28gal $125.00                                  order yours click here

Royal Red Norway Maple - smaller in stature than Crimson King, nice compact tree for smaller urban landscape.  Ht 25’  Spread 30’               

                                                                 1.75”bxb $125.00       2." bxb $150.00                  order yours click here

Sugar Maple-A work horse tree in the native Ohio landscape.  Un matched fall color, but a slower growing species.  We offer native seedlings   for more information click here   Ht 40-50’ Spread 35-40’

 1.5”  bxb $150.00  1.75” bxb  $185.00 2.0” bxb  $200.00 2.5” bxb $250.00                    order yours click here

Green Mt. Sugar Maple-excellent fast growing Sugar Maple with exceptional fall color.  It is tough in urban conditions, reliable fall color or oranges/reds.  Ht 45’ Spread 45’ for more information click here

  6-8’ 28gal $95.00       1.5" $150.00       2.0" $175.00                                                            order yours click here

Wright Brothers Sugar Maple-developed by the Siebenthaler Company here in Dayton, named after the great aviation pioneers the Wright brothers.  Nice upright species, good reliable grower with a moderate growth rate.   Ht 50’  Spread 50’   more information click here   

                                            1.75”bxb $125.00    2." $150.00   2.5" $175.00                             order yours click here

Manchu Stripe Maple- A nice small trees with purple to gray-green bark with faintly white stripes.  Yellow to green flowers in spring with rich deep fall color.  Likes moist damp soil conditions.  A real prize in the shade garden mixed with ferns. for more information click here  Ht 8-10’  Spread 8-10’                 

                                                                      15gal $150.00                                                              orders yours  click here

Three Flower Maples-An upright fine textured spreading tree.  That forms a peeling fissured bark.  Its dark green leaves come alive with scarlet and pink in the fall.  A super tree for the garden in summer thru winter.  Ht 20’  Spread  20’       for more information   click here                               

                                                                                1.5 bxb  $185.00                                          order yours click here

Henry Maple-a very rare trifoliate maple from central China, very nice tree, tough but delicate in looks and appearance.  We love its wispy look and its neat orange-red autumn leaves plus the bonus of chains of yellow flowers which bear chains of seeds in summer/fall.  Ht. 15’ Spread  15’       for more information  click here       

                                                                                28gal $125.00                                              order yours click here

Hot wings Tatarian Maple
        Height: 20-30'     Spread: 15-20'    
Zone: 3     Tree         
"Foliage is bright green, ripening fruits are bright red in July. Small single-stem tree useful as small specimen, patio tree, screen, grouping or massing. Sun or partial shade."

2" BxB $150.00

Crimson sentry maple-Nice upright columnar maple with rich maroon leaves that fits tight places in the urban landscape.  This species works well when you need great color and unique form.                                                                      Ht 25’ Spread 8’                                                         for more information click here                                                          

                                                                                               28gal $175.00                                       order yours click here

Red Pointe Maple-This introduction from our friends at J. Frank Schmidt Son’s nursery. Great growth rate, super fall color, perfect central leader growth pattern plus super fast pace growth.     click here         Ht 40’ Spread 40’          10gal  $75.00              28gal $95.00               2.0" 150.00    order yours click here

Burgundy Belle–Starts out brilliant red in fall and blends into a incredible deep burgundy foliage that is just simply breath taking in the autumn landscape.  Impressive growth rate on our farm, this tree has a great future in most landscapes.  Ht 45’  spread 40’   

                             1.75”    $150.00                          2.0"  $175.00                             click here to order yours

Green Cascade Maple-looks like Japanese Maple but a weeping green leaves, does very well in sun/partial shade.  Ht 6’ Spread 5’  click here for more information                

                                                 5gal $150.00    click here to order yours

Trident Maple- very rare and unusual to find this plant any where.  Our selection is from seed collected from Ohio trees almost 30 years old.  Very nice bright shiny leaves with tight habit, with great deep burgundy fall leaves late into fall. Perfect for small gardens and we have very limited numbers to sell.    Ht 8’  Spread 6’                                           for more information  click here                

                                                            6-7’ bxb  $235.00                             click here to order yours

 State Tree Miyabe Maple-we have grown this tree in our nursery for almost 7 years and every time we see it, we are impressed with its nice green leaves/strong growth/perfect branch structure/drought tolerant.   Ht 40’ Spread 25’                                                                        

                             1.75” bxb  $125.00     2.0" $150.00    2.25" $175.00     2.50" $200.00   click here to order yours

Nikko Maple- very slow growing tree, emerging leaves have purple hugh as fall draws near the leaves turn deep burgundy.  Spread 10’ Ht 8’     more information click here         

                                                                         6-7’bxb  $125.00        click here to order yours

Brandywine Red Maple      

        Height: 35'     Spread: 15'    
Zone: 4     Tree         
"Forms a medium sized tree with upright oval crown. Green leaves turn red in early October deepening to a deep burgundy-red. Excellent for lawn, street, highway or park plantings, and as a shade tree for residential sites. Introduced by the U.S. National Arboretum. Selected from native species."    

2" BxB $150.00

Red Horsse Chestnut-Major focal point in the late spring landscape.  This tree produces huge red flower spikes and is a plant withstands heavy soils and provides a nice summer silhouette.  Only pitfall is it does loose its leaves late summer to leaf disease, not the end of the world but don’t use this plant in the front yard or a place high visibility late summer.  Ht  50’  Spread 50’  28gal $150.00


Ohio Buckeye-Everybody wants one if you are a true O-H-I-O fan.  Great landscape plant with standing heavy wet soils, good growth rate, and nice whitest pink flower and will grow in shade well.  Same pitfalls as horse chestnuts though.     Ht 40’ Spread 40’      7gal $50.00

 Red Buckeye-great small garden tree with nice petites stature in the landscape.  Nice red flower spikes on huge green leaves.  When I collected leaves for our daughter Melissa leaf collection for school, it took a poster board to mount. Ht 25’ Spread 25’

                        2-4' 2gal container $25.00

Yellow Buckeye
(aka octandra)        Height: 60-75'     Spread: 40-50'    
Zone: 3     Tree         
"The upright-oval to slightly spreading crown has dark green leaves that turn pumpkin orange in fall and are not bothered by the foliage diseases of common horsechestnut. Flowers yellowish-green in May. Prefers a deep, moist, well drained soil. Ideal for large landscapes and parks. Native.

2-4' 2gal container $25.00


 Bottleneck Brush Buckeye-very sought after landscape native in the United States.  Grows in partial sunny conditions with a very nice tropical look to the landscape.  Flowers with cool spike flowers in midsummer. People will ask you want this plant is when they visit your landscape.      5gal  $55.00     10gal $75.00

Alnus  commonly known as Alder

European Black Alder- a super tree for heavily compacted soils.  Will work in just about any site wet or super dry.  Very neat purple color catkins that give this tree a unique purple shadow in late winter.  A fast growing tree for the urban Ohio   conditions. Ht 50’ Spread 30’       4-5' 5gal $25.00   6-8’ 28gal    $100.00                       8-10’ 28gal  $125.00                                    8-10’ bxb $150.00

 Albizia         commonly known as Mimosa

E.H. Wilson Mimosa- A hardy to zone 5 strain of mimosa, perfect locust like leaves providing a tropical flair to the landscape with neat pinkish white flowers.  Your neighbors will think you have a plant from Florida in your landscape.         Ht 20’  Spread 20’                                                                                                                                          3gal  $50.00                      7gal $75.00

Summer Chocolate Mimosa-wow is a word that describes this incredible summer bloomer with rich chocolate purple leaves.  The plant will be about a 5'x5' plant in our zone, but will blow away anyone who sees it!  3 gal. $75.00 

                                        Amelanchier                      commonly known as Serviceberry

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry-great for semi-shady to shady landscapes and will grow in full sun.  Very nice spring flowers followed by nice clean leaves, stunning ruby red fall.  Perfect plant to naturalize areas with woodlands needing screening effects. Ht 20  Spread 15’

                                 6-7’ clump bxb  $75.00     7-8’ clump bxb $95.00  1.5" Tree form $125.00


Renaissance Reflection- Completely Bronze Birch Bore resistant species of paper bark birch.  Grows well in most site conditions beyond heavy wet sites.  We have seen really aggressive growth with this tree in the nursery.  Ht 25-35’  Spread  25-35      8’ single stem  $150.00


Heritage River Birch- a great selection of a native tree for its exfoliation of redish brown bark in multistem plant.  Looks great a single plant in the landscape or very striking planted in mass.  Ht 35’-50’ Spread 30-35’

                                               6-8’ Multistem  bxb     $150.00

                                               8-10’ Multistem  bxb   $190.oo

                                               10-12’ Multistem bxb $235.00

                                               28gal multistem  $100.00


Dura-Heat River Birch-this river birch is perfect for urban conditions where heat in the summer can cause many river birches to drop leaves.  Same exfoliated bark characteristic as heritage.  In the nursery seems to be a slower grower than Heritage.

 Ht 30’ Spread 30’                                8-10'’  Mutistem bxb  $150.00

Summer Cascade- a weeping selection of river birch creates almost a weeping willow effect on a tighter plant habit with same qualities of river birch.  Our trees are trained on a central leader system up to an 8’ height before the plant is allowed to weep.  We also offer this plant in a contorted form as well, which will make a incredible unique look with its weeping habit plus a contorted trunk.                                        Ht 8-15’ Spread 8-15’                                                           

 28gal $125.00     Contorted form 28gal  $150.00 

Gray  Birch -Yellow to gray tinged bark on a multistem plant with dark green leaves turning brilliant yellow in fall.    Ht 30’  Spread 20’    8-10’ bxb $150.00      10-12’ bxb  $190.00

Columnar Blue Beech-great tree for narrow spaces where you need and plant with thick foliage is a columnar form. Very tough tree in sunny dry landscape.  Perfect plant between drive way and a tall building or a screen between properties.                               Ht 25-30’ Spread 10’           28gal  $150.00

 Weeping Blue Beech-unique and unusual fine in any landscape.  Perfect blue leaves on a weeping plant.  Can work in dry site conditions and provides unique bloom as well as nice winter effects.   Ht 12’ Spread 12’   28gal $195.00