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Site Inventory

We provide identification and condition inventories of trees or under-story vegetation for municipal, private property or campus management. We can collect GPS/GIS data, as well as assessments of value, condition, or other data, for inclusion in databases used for long-term management.


Mark Webber's Landscaping also offers tree-related policy development and implementation services. We can be a valuable adjunct to your planning team, by assisting surveyors in completing accurate tree surveys, and by working with homeowners, builders, architects and engineers to meet environmental standards and ordinances.

Examples of Use's of Site Inventory Information 

  • Liability mitigation
  • Budget justification
  • Maintenance Prioritization
  • Data-driven decision-making

Ask About our re-inventory services:

  • Updates to tree maintenance and condition data fields only
  • Full ANSI Level 2 Tree re-inventory
  • Annual ANSI Level 1 re-inventory or "windshield survey" program
  • Contract-based urban forestry consulting
  • Storm preparedness inventory and recovery plans
  • Data management and mapping software

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