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Join Mark for monthly green industry training events called "Tailgating With Trees", at the Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, 118 Woodland Ave, Dayton, OH 45409

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Mr. Mark A. Webber is an experienced public speaker and educator in tree diagnostics, construction, landscape practices and urban forest issues. Mark has made over 500 presentations over the last decade. He has several standard presentations and workshops that can be adapted to any audience, from high school classes to municipal landscape crews. Senior associate Marcus Tackett, has given workshops on tree planting and stem girdling roots to garden clubs as well as public events. 


           Mark Webber Landscaping Company has one of the largest collection of publications, published research, and other materials on plants in the United States. You rely on our company to support arguments regarding the condition, standards of care of other issues based on most current or historically accurate research in the plant sciences.