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Tree Risk Assessment 


If a tree is green and healthy is not an indicator that the tree is structural sound. While a sick looking trees have conditions that can be improved by proper scientific diagnosis.

We can provide Risk and Health Assessments on trees and landscape plants. Unlike most Consulting Arborist, we have three climbing consultants who can climb trees to complete aerial assessments. We use state-of-the-art evaluation tools, including the Resistograph Drill, to assess trees. Our approach is intended to save valuable trees and identify those that are of concern for potential risk. 

Additionally, we use drones to inspect trees and can provide photos of tree defects and better information of why a tree is doing what it is.

We provide detailed custom management plans for each evaluated tree, with instructions for pruning or removal to reduce risk, diagnosis and treatment recommendations to improve health, and general tree care instructions. Our ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessors use the current Tree Risk Assessment method and are qualified to file applications for removal permits with municipalities. We specialize in structural assessment and decay diagnostics with the Resistograph drill, a tool that gives us information on the interior condition of the tree.


Many tree failures can be predicted and mitigated before they occur. We also work closely with plant pathologists and testing labs, enabling us to make broad-based and accurate assessments of tree health and condition, as well as developing effective treatment plans.


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