"Tree and Landscaping Experts since 1997"
About us.........................................................
Mark Webber Landscaping Company has it's humble beginnings that began in September of 1997, when an ambitious, hard working man named Mark Webber and his wife Kim had a dream to serve clients with the needs to be advised and had work done on their properties all being done on by what science, research, and best industry practices are. 

Mark Webber has two degrees in Horticulture (A.A.S., B.S.) from The Ohio State University. He is a Master Nursery Landscape Technician, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) and a Board Certified Master Arborist(BCMA) and a level 3 arborist in the United Kingdom. Most recently he has been desgnated by the Board of Tree Experts in New Jersey as a Certified Tree Expert. Mark is the only arborist in the United States that retains these certifications and qualifications.

Kim Webber has a degree (A.A.S). in Nursing and she spent nearly 15 years helping patients and she then decided that she wanted to help better serve the customers at Mark Webber Landscaping when she began to play a major role with clients and providing customer service needs. She has played an important role in the companies growth.

Mark Webber Landscaping is a unique company in how its conducts its daily business. Since our founding we train, educated and with 70% of our team members are certified/degreed/qualified in the fields of horticulture,forestry and arboriculture.